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Racetech race seats are regarded by many in the driving seat as the best in the world. Our composite and carbon fibre race seats are fitted to thousands of race cars, touring cars, rally cars, drift, drag and speedway cars. We keep people racing fast, safe – and we do it in ways that break the mould for safety, comfort and performance.

The RT1000 meets the demands of the motorsport enthusiast, with all the function but none of the frills. Weighing in at a lean 8.9kg (total) and homologated to FIA standards, grab a couple today and get racing. Any colour as long as it's black!

RT1000 Standard size, FIA approved


The RT4100HR is a standard-sized fibreglass race seat equipped with head restraint wings for enhanced safety. We have focused on achieving a lightweight seat shell with optimised geometry, straddling that line between designing the seat to be wide enough in the shoulders to suit the athletic build, but narrow enough to fit in most cabins.

RT4100 Standard size, FIA approved
RT4100T Tall size, FIA approved
RT4100WT Wide-tall size, FIA approved
RT4100HR Standard size, Head restraint, FIA approved
RT4100THR Tall size, Head restraint, FIA approved
RT4100WTHR Wide-tall size, Head restraint, FIA approved


Building upon the successful 129 series, Racetech offers the same ergonomic form and incredible feature set but in a lighter and more affordable package. Used by many professional teams at both national and international level.

RT4119HRW Standard size, FIA approved
RT4119THR Tall size, FIA approved
RT4119WHR  Wide size, FIA approved
RT4119WTHR  Wide-tall size, FIA approved
RT9119HRW Lightweight, Standard size, FIA approved
RT9119THR Lightweight, Tall size, FIA approved
RT9119WTHR Lightweight, Wide-tall size, FIA approved


Surpassing the stringent demands of the FIA 8862-2009 standard, the 129 series is Racetech’s no compromise pro-motorsport seat. Adept at cradling Bathurst winners and most of the V8 supercar competition, there is none better when it comes to comfort and safety. 

RT4129HRW Standard size, FIA approved
RT4129WHR Wide size, FIA approved
RT4129WTHR Wide-tall size, FIA approved
RT9129HRW Lightweight, Standard size, FIA approved
RT9129THR Lightweight, Tall size, FIA approved
RT9129WHR Lightweight, Wide size, FIA approved
RT9129WTHRL Lightweight, Wide-tall size, FIA approved


The Lowback series is a very stylish and practical solution for Boats, Classic Cars and Hotrods. These seats can also come in a vinyl covered option which provides a harder wearing material against the elements and a more classic look for the vintage car enthusiasts.

RT4000WLB Wide size
RT4000WXLB Extra-wide size