Ram Air Ducting Kit

Now you can provide forced air induction to your Racetech 119 or 129 series race seat. Increase driver comfort by removing latent heat to the lower ba..

$160.00 Ex Tax: $145.45

Driver Arm Restraints

Racetech arm restraints are ideal for restraining arms in open-cockpit vehicles. Attaches to harness straps Velcro securing system around drivers’ wri..

$69.99 Ex Tax: $63.63


Carbon Roof Vent

This high quality carbon fibre roof vent features two directional air vents and incorporates a water drain. It is manufactured in the UK using the lat..

$999.00 Ex Tax: $908.18

Rally Safety Triangle

Racetech rally safety triangle (zetka) for motorsport. This is a must-have in any rally car. Reflective red. Folds down quickly to fit within the comp..

$23.90 Ex Tax: $21.73

Helmet Box - Single

Designed and built at Racetech's NZ manufacturing facility, this helmet box protects and secures your helmet from bumps and scratches. Features l..

$189.99 Ex Tax: $172.72

Helmet Box - Twin

Not satisfied with the single helmet box? Get your fix with this twin version which is designed for rally cars where both driver and co-driver re..

$279.99 Ex Tax: $254.54

Helmet Hammock

Protect both driver and co-driver helmets with this hammock. Designed and manufactured by Racetech in Wellington, NZ, this hammock hangs from your rol..

$199.99 Ex Tax: $181.81

Helmet Bag

Made from a high-density nylon fabric outer, this helmet bag is designed to protect your expensive equipment when travelling to and from events. Also ..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $90.90

Motorsport Decal Set

We were having trouble sourcing quality decal sets, so we stepped up and designed a set ourselves. We have jammed all the essential stickers for circu..

$14.99 Ex Tax: $13.63

Gear Bag

The Racetech Gear Bag is the perfect companion for any motorsport event. Keep it packed with gear to just grab and go to your next race.  Feat..

$55.00 Ex Tax: $50.00

Racetech Sticker Pack

Racetech Sticker Pack. Die-cut with self-adhesive backing. Pack contents: 2x Large Racetech stickers (300mm wide) 2x Small ..

$4.77 Ex Tax: $4.34

Racetech Vinyl Decal

Racetech Vinyl Decal. 185mm (small) or 280mm wide (large) in white. Choose your preferred size from the dropdown list above. Decals sold separate..

$4.77 Ex Tax: $4.34

Tow Loop - Long

Quality tow strap mounts to a 1/2" bolt hole. Made from plyable 5000kg webbing. Approx 350mm (14") long and 50mm (2") wide. Available in red with..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $27.26

Tow Loop - Short

This quality tow loop mounts to a 1/2" bolt hole. Made from pliable 5000kg webbing. Approx 250mm (10") long and 50mm (2") wide. Available in blac..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $27.26

Door Pull Strap

Quality door pull strap which mounts to an 11mm bolt hole. Made from pliable webbing. Approx 180mm (7") long and 25mm (1") wide. A..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $18.17

Tow Rope - 4m Long

4m long tow rope. 5000kg rating with snap hook fixings to both ends. Made in the UK using 50mm wide webbing. The actual colour may vary slightly fr..

$79.99 Ex Tax: $72.72

Epman Quick Release Fasteners

Quick Release Fasteners are ideal for front bumpers, rear bumpers, and trunk/hatch lids that need to be removed frequently, or removed and reinstalled..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $18.17

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Aerospace diaphragm mechanism. True Zero technology with no pin to artificially hold the pointer on zero. Shock-resistant mechanism. Stainless steel b..

$89.98 Ex Tax: $81.80

Battery Master Switch

Arlec battery master switch with removable key and rubber cover to waterproof the switch when the key is removed. This switch has 4 external contacts ..

$69.99 Ex Tax: $63.63

Mud Flap Rubber

A flat sheet of mudflap rubber ready for you to create your own. Used by hundreds of rally cars around NZ. Comes in a 900mm x 600mm x 4mm sheet a..

$148.49 Ex Tax: $134.99

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