Thin Base Cushion

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The Racetech thin base cushion is a moulded foam with an improved design which allows the driver to sit approximately 15mm lower in the seat when compared to the old base cushion. This cushion is the factory-standard for seats produced from 2018 onwards. Compatible with 009, 119, 129 and 229 series seats. White Racetech embroidery. Contact us to request a different embroidery colour (e.g white and orange for 119 series seats).

Please select Wide if you have a WHR or WTHR seat.

Compatible with:

  • RT4009, RT4009HR, RT4009THR, RT4009W, RT4009WHR, RT4009WTHR *
  • RT4119W, RT4119WT
  • RT4119HRW, RT4119THR, RT4119WHR, RT4119WTHR
  • RT9119HRW, RT9119THR, RT9119WHR, RT9119WTHR
  • RT4229HRW, RT4229WTHR, RT4339WTHR
  • RT4129HRW, RT4129WHR, RT4129WTHR
  • RT9129HRW, RT9129THR, RT9129WHR, RT9129WTHRL
    * 009 series seats produced prior to Dec 2017 will require a new back cushion too

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